We are so happy to be partnering with jeremy+farrah; not only because we are proud supporters of their art, but because we are truly inspired by what they do and how their work reflects their lives. We appreciate art that is relevant, relatable, and purposeful. They put their hearts into their work and we want to support the good they are doing through it.

Jeremy Blake 

"jeremy+farrah is a husband and wife collaboration merging together design and printmaking. Currently, they live and work in Chicago. The main theme that weaves the artists' work is the idea of seasons in life. jeremy+farrah have found that the idea of seasons reflects the process of their craft and how they have come together. Defined either by the homes they've lived in, or by the growth and decay cycle of plants. jeremy+farrah use their unique textures, icons, and use of layers to merge their stories into collaborative prints."

Monogram PrintsMonogram Prints
Check out their website at: jeremyandfarrah.com and follow them on Instagram @jeremyandfarrah